Network and Connections:

Established brokers have extensive networks within the yachting industry, including contacts with other brokers, buyers, and sellers. This network can help in marketing the yacht effectively and reaching potential buyers.

Marketing Strategies:

Experienced brokers employ effective marketing strategies to showcase your yacht to a broader audience. They utilize various platforms, both online and offline, to attract potential buyers.

Streamlined Process:

Having a broker manage the sale streamlines the process for both sellers and buyers. They handle paperwork, coordinate sea trials and inspections, and manage the complexities of closing the deal.

Expertise and Knowledge:

Licensed brokers have a deep understanding of the yacht market, including current trends, pricing, and legal aspects of sales. They can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the sales process.

Legal Protection:

Licensed brokers adhere to state regulations and laws governing yacht sales, ensuring that all transactions are conducted legally and ethically. This protects both the buyer and the seller from potential legal issues.

Negotiation Skills:

Brokers are skilled negotiators who can represent your interests and help you secure the best possible deal. They handle the negotiation process professionally, aiming for a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved.


2021 Aquila 36 Sport

2021 Aquila 36 Sport


2023 Lagoon 50

2023 Bali 4.8

2023 Bali 4.8

2018 Aquila 44

2018 Aquila 44

2022 Lagoon 46

2022 Lagoon 46


2015 Lagoon 560 S2

2010 Hunter 49
2010 Hunter 49

2010 Hunter 49


2004 CAL 50





Integrity is crucial in yacht brokerage as it ensures trust and ethical dealings between buyers and sellers, fostering long-term relationships and upholding the industry’s credibility.


Effective communication in yacht brokerage establishes transparency and aligns expectations. It ensures a clear exchange of information, addresses concerns promptly, and facilitates seamless transactions critical for successful yacht deals.


information is essential—it guides decisions and validates choices. Accurate details on vessels, market dynamics, and regulations empower successful transactions.


Flexibility allows adaptability to diverse client needs, market shifts, and complex transactions. It enables responsive adjustments, tailored approaches, and innovative solutions, ensuring optimal outcomes within this dynamic industry.

South Florida Sailing

Yacht Brokerage and Beyond…

Amidst the azure sprawl of South Florida’s shimmering waters, where the salty breeze dances with the sun-kissed waves, lies a haven for those seeking nautical dreams. Here, at the helm of this maritime saga, stands Amanda Haley, a daughter of the Sunshine State, bearing the compass of native wisdom and seven years adrift in the realm of yacht brokerage. Her mastery over these aqueous realms guides the seekers, unravels the mysteries, and ensures that the buyer finds not just a vessel, but a seafaring soul.

For the past seven years, the rhythmic ebb and flow of life found her nestled within the quarters of her 2010 Hunter 49—a liveaboard odyssey that ingrained within her the essence of the sea. Daylight found its canvas upon her other vessel, a 2006 Hunter 44, where she orchestrates day charters, painting the horizon with tales of exploration and nautical adventures.

Her maritime repertoire extends beyond the realm of mere ownership. Amanda’s credentials boast the prestigious USCG Master License—a testament to her mastery of the waves. But her passion doesn’t merely reside in commanding vessels; it blossoms in the art of instruction. Armed with an instructor’s license for the American Sailing Association’s 101-114 courses, she becomes a beacon, guiding eager souls through the nuances of the sailor’s craft.

In her wake, she leaves a trail of wisdom woven by the seas, sharing not just the joy of sailing but the essence of a life shaped by the gentle caress of salt-laden breezes and the ceaseless rhythm of the ocean’s embrace. Her presence within the maritime tapestry of South Florida stands as a testament to a life lived in tandem with the eternal dance of wind and water.


In the rippling embrace of South Dakota’s lakes, Captain Keith Cressman carved his aquatic narrative, a saga spun with threads of boating, fishing, and the wild dance upon waterskiing sprays. Amidst the serene reflections of the Sunfish14 and the spirited adventures atop the Hobie Cat 16, dreams swelled within him like billowing sails, whispering tales of grandeur upon the boundless seas.

An accomplished angler, his youthful gaze fixated upon Jacques Cousteau’s odysseys, kindling an aspiration to plumb the depths as a PADI Divemaster—a dream realized amidst the watery realms.

1998 heralded the commencement of a new chapter—a bareboat charter in the BVI sparking a fervent yearning for yacht ownership. A mere eighteen months hence, he stood at the helm of a Jeanneau 43DS, a sister ship mirroring the very image etched upon his fridge—an emblem of realized dreams.

His credentials unfurl like unfathomable horizons—a USCG Captain’s license in ’05 burgeoned into a Master Mariner Credential with Sailing Endorsement in ’06. The year ’21 brought the crescendo—an upgrade to a USCG < 200 Ton credential, coupled with the celestial navigation prowess to navigate oceans. Over 50,000 blue water miles adorned his seafaring résumé, woven with deliveries along the Atlantic’s embrace and between the US and the Caribbean.

In the sanctum of luxury, he steered yacht charters in Chesapeake Bay and the Caribbean, orchestrating a symphony of maritime opulence. A stint with Paradise Yacht Management in the Virgin Islands and captaincy aboard vessels like the 34M Broward and the 32M Intermarine 2000 amplified his maritime odyssey.

Beyond the waves, hospitality beats within him—grilling and bartending are his hymns. An amateur sous chef, mixologist, and oenophile, he crafts experiences akin to fine art, bestowing guests with an unparalleled voyage.


Amid financial mazes, Joaquin Luna once charted his course, forsaking a triumphant seat in corporate finance to harness his monetary acumen for a far nobler pursuit—ushering dreamers into the embrace of yacht ownership. For over four years, he’s navigated the seas of yacht sales, wielding a mastery that transcends mere transactions, delving deep into the art of tax mitigation through yacht ownership—a skill set wielded like a seasoned mariner’s sextant.

But his love affair with the aquatic realm predates his financial sojourn. In the rugged embrace of the Rocky Mountains, high school found him not just a student but a professional fly tyer and a guide to those chasing elusive fish amidst the murmuring streams. As his passion for boating burgeoned, the Sea of Cortez became his proving ground, honing skills amidst its undulating azure.

Fly fishing, an eternal passion, remains his siren’s call—a dance with tarpon, bonefish, redfish, tuna, and snook, all on the delicate arc of a fly rod. His leisure finds solace amidst Florida’s coastal embrace and the Bahamas’ aquamarine allure, where friends and kin converge to chase the elusive catch, sharing moments that ripple with laughter and camaraderie.

In the canvas of recent chapters, he captained his vessel from Tampa to Marathon, a testament to his seafaring prowess. And in a recent crescendo, he melded with a delivery crew, unfurling the sails of the new Bali 4.8 from Annapolis to the haven of Marsh Harbour, Bahamas—a voyage etched in the annals of his maritime pursuits.


Where the sea meets the sky in an eternal embrace, a new helmsman emerges on the horizon. Meet Tyler Haley, a scion of the maritime realm, as he steps aboard the South Florida Sailing Yacht Brokerage team, breathing in the salt-laden air and carrying the legacy of the Haley maritime saga.

From the tender age of 11, Tyler’s childhood unfolded upon the decks of sailboats, the rhythmic lullabies of the waves shaping his maritime soul. Now, a liveaboard sailor, he calls a 44-foot monohull in Fort Lauderdale home—a vessel that not only sails the seas but cradles his dreams amidst the gentle rock of the ocean’s lullaby.

His credentials unfurl like a well-trimmed sail—a licensed USCG Captain, he’s not just a sailor; he’s a maestro of the maritime symphony. Local snorkel and jetski tours bear witness to his command of the seas, while his spare hours are devoted to captaining with Staying Afloat Party Boat, a testament to his love for the waters that cradle his world.

Even as the sun sets over Fort Lauderdale, Tyler’s day is far from done. In pursuit of knowledge, he charts a course through community college, steering towards a business degree—a compass pointing towards a future shaped by both the winds of experience and academic prowess.

Tyler’s story is not just one of sailing the azure expanse; it’s a tale of passion woven into the very fabric of his existence. His journey into the world of yacht brokerage is not just a career choice; it’s an extension of his fervor for the sea, a desire to help others unfurl their sails and navigate the waters of fun and freedom. As the newest broker on deck, Tyler stands ready to guide others towards the maritime dreams that dance on the horizon.


Rob Saunders, also adds to the formidable team of Licensed Florida Yacht Brokers, each a distinct mast in this maritime symphony. With sails filled by experience and driven by passion, they stand poised, ready to hoist the banner of unparalleled service for every sailor seeking their maritime destiny.

In this vibrant tapestry of South Florida’s yacht brokerage, these navigators stand as beacons, guiding enthusiasts to find not just a vessel but an odyssey upon the waves.








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